The modern market demands new approaches to communication and marketing of products and services.

We deal not only import, but we are able to treat all aspects of communication products as well as possible, we do this by using new media like Internet and all new media platforms that are now available.



We are an international company specialize in a broad and flexible range of commercial and marketing services

Listed here are the services that will be offered:

  • Import and management products to be distributed on the US market.
  • Research and market analysis directly on US territory to identify missing segments or market niches to develop on behalf of foreign companies (especially Italian). This is made through an extensive analysis, by visiting various stores of interest and collecting all the data that will be used to determine which products may have a market and at the same time be analyze by competitors already on US territory.
  • Research to identify products / services unique, innovative to import into the US market (especially from the Italian market). This made by visiting various fairs and research directly in the field or through an extensive research on internet.After identifying the products and services that may be of interest to import into US territory, we will establish direct contacts or through collaborators, with the manufacturers.
  • Implementation and management of marketing campaigns on US territory (TV, print media, web media) on behalf of foreign companies interested to export in US.Increasing the visibility of a brand is a fundamental key to create a winning business, but in every country there are different means of communication, due to the habits and different cultures, and at same time web media works different for each country ( for example for research on google). ITALYANA offers the opportunity for foreign companies interested to increase its visibility in the US territory to carry out targeted marketing campaigns for the US market, following the developments and managing them over time. These services provided thanks to direct cooperation with companies specialized in the area US, maximizing investment and results.
  • Management B2B virtual showroom for customers who want to enter the US market. The creation of an Internet platform dedicated to B2B channel enables a further step in penetration of market by increasing its visibility and facilitating contacts with potential customers (retailers or distributors concerned).


ITALYANA is based on collaboration between several independent professionals who collaborate to develop various projects of import/export.